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Nicolae TOMITA, executive manager Vibrotest S.R.L.
It is important, in an industry involved in a competitive market economy, the manager to have confidence in his own capabilities to honor, in due time, the promises made to his clients. For the assurance of continuous production process, you choose us!
Theoretical articles

Occurence of Electrical Malfunctions to Squirrel Cage AC Induction Motors in Mechanical Vibrations Spectra

... through this method electrical malfunctions can be detected as: broken or cleft rotating coils, their damaged joints, non-balanced sides, alternative magnetic gap, eccentric rotors and fixed coils, feeding connections abatements...

Vibrating Diagnosis of the Mechanical Loosening
on Axles in Paper Industry

The vibration diagnostic of the mechanical loosenings on axles represents one of the applications of the methods to diagnose the faults using the vibrations analyses...
Case studies
Electrical Malfunctions Vibrodiagnosis at the Direct Current Motors

The identification and finding of malfunctions through vibrodiagnosis leads to the elimination of useless de-mounting...
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Romanian technical representative for
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website on Monday, May 3rd...

Varna 2010!
Considering the success of the Primagra-Vibrotest seminar, in Varna, every year, we decided planning the third edition this summer...
We are pleased to announce the succesful ending of the second edition of the Primagra-Vibrotest seminar, organized in Varna, Bulgaria...
SPM Instrument has more then 40 years of experience with machine condition monitoring and close cooperation with our customers in all fields of industry. Qualified sales and service representatives in more than 50 countries look forward to helping out. We provide all technical service, support and training you may need to become your own condition monitoring expert.

Primagra Company, founded in 1997, has as its object of activity the trade of a diversified scale of bearings, assembling-disassembling bearings tools, accessories, lubrication products, belts and oil retainer rings.